Serving Northern Illinois Squadron 4 is 501(c)3 Registered Non-Profit

Commanding Officer
Jerry Czupryn

Commanding Officer: Jerry Czupryn

Jerry Czupryn was born in Chicago and currently lives in Bolingbrook. He decided to join Squadron 4 and EAA Warbirds of America after meeting Gordon Millerin at the Cavalcade of Planes in Bolingbrook in June 2012. He had a great conversation with Gordon as they talked about Warbirds. He received three Warbird magazines from Gordon to keep, maybe a bit of a bribe. Jerry loves military history and Warbirds. All his life when he hears the unique sound of a Warbird, he drops everything and runs to the window or goes outside to see what is flying over. Jerry has attended many air shows over the years around the Midwest with his family. He enjoys seeing and experiencing first hand real history with these Warbirds. His favorite Warbirds are the TBM Avenger and F4U Corsair. Jerry is a member of the board and is the current Warbird Raffle Chairman.

Executive / Public Affairs Officer
David Stevens

Executive Officer & Newsletter Editor: Dave Stevens

Living in Hinsdale, Illinois, Dave Stevens decided to join Warbirds Squadron 4 after seeing Tom Buck’s TBM flying around one day. He was able to locate Tom through the Squadron and was invited out to see the TBM and to volunteer at the B-17 event. After working the tour stop in 2008, Dave joined the Squadron and continued to participate in many of the events. In recent years Dave has been very active in Squadron 4 promotions through various means of advertisement. He has had some time ‘at the controls’ of some dual control aircraft and someday hopes to get his license. Dave’s favorite Warbirds are the Spitfire and the P-38.

Financial / Communications Officer
Brian D. Churchill

Financial/Communications Officer: Brian D. Churchill

Brian D. Churchill was born in Chicago, IL. He was visiting EAA Oshkosh in July of 1997 when he first came to know of Warbirds Squadrons. He met two representatives from EAA Warbirds Squadron 4 that fine day by the name of Jim Delaney and Tim Bauer. Brian became a Squadron 4 member in September of 1998 and holds Squadron number of 119. He joined the Board in March of 2000 with the idea of creating a website, and as you can see now, this site has grown. He is now Treasurer/Communications Officer for the Squadron. Brian is also the Chairman of EAA Warbirds Camping and Auto Parking at AirVenture. He also holds a Private Pilot certificate, and rents a Cessna 172 SP based at the Kenosha, WI Airport (KENW). He does have a favorite Warbird and that is the Vought F4U Corsair.

Brian Sell

Born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago. I currently live in West Chicago.
Growing up I attended many EAA airshows with my father. A conversation with Jerry Czupryn about the Warbirds rekindled my interest and led to attending the TBM Avenger Reunion in Peru, IL. I was hooked.
I took a ride on the EAA B-17 Aluminum Overcast at the event hosted by Squadron 4 at Lewis Airport and joined Warbirds Squadron 4 that day.
My favorite Warbirds are the B-17, F4U Corsair and the TBM Avenger.

Recruiting Officer / Web Admin
Bruce Hawkins

Bruce was born and raised in Midlothian Illinois. His interest in airplanes goes back to his childhood where he remembers his dad taking him and his brother to the “little airport” (Howell Airport in Crestwood IL) to watch planes take off and land on the weekends. Moving to Joliet IL in 1997 still looking skyward when a plane went by, it was in 2007 that his wife got him a ride on The Aluminum Overcast that really set off his love of Warbirds. It was on that same day that he noticed an Avenger sitting off to the side and mentioned to a friend with him that he has seen that plane fly over his house. Since joining the squadron Bruce has helped out at several events with setup and teardown and has contributed several articles for the newsletter he has also had the great opportunity to help out at the TBM\SNJ hangars of CO Tom Buck. Bruce’s favorite plane(s) SNJ, F4U Corsair and of course the TBM.