Serving Northern Illinois Squadron 4 is 501(c)3 Registered Non-Profit

Board Member: Tom Buck

Tom is among the most dedicated of airplane fans, especially when it comes to warbirds. He either owns or is partial owner of 4 airplanes, two of which are warbirds. He is very active at our events, especially with his TBM Avenger. The crowd never seems to tire of watching the wings unfold or the fly-bys over the airfield. Tom’s favorite pastime (after flying) is to engage in discussions with pilots and warbird fans wherever he goes… just ask his wife!

Board Member: Sharon Luksic

Sharon was born in Joliet, IL. and currently resides in Channahon, IL.  She has had an interest in WW II Warbirds for several years dating back to when Black Sheep Squadron was on TV.  Sharon loves history and reading about WW II and the Warbirds.  Sharon’s interest in the Warbirds finally culminated in  July, 2016 when she attended EAA Warbird Squadron 4 event at Lewis Airport and rode in the B-17 Aluminum Overcast.  She met the Warbird Squadron 4 Board Members and joined the organization that same day.  Sharon is actively involved in Warbird Squadron 4 and is on the Board serving as Merchandising Coordinator.  Sharon’s favorite Warbirds are TBM Avenger, B-29 Super Fortress, and  B-17. Sharon is actively involved with Squadron 4 and participates in many events with her Squadron 4 team members.

Board Member: Chase Smith

Chase Smith currently lives in Marengo and first got involved with the Squadron when they came out to Mike Kellner’s B-17 Restoration for a work day. Chase is currently working towards his Private Pilot’s License at Poplar Grove airport. He really enjoys volunteering at airshows in any capacity and he also volunteers at the B-17E 41-2595 Restoration Project, and the Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum whenever he can.